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Have you ever been to a new salon and never returned after the first or second visit?

Perhaps you didn’t click with your therapist or stylist, or perhaps you were a little disappointed in the treatment or service you received.

Whatever the reason, unless that salon had a good strategy in place to lure you back, they probably lost you for good.

The very same thing is happening in your salon.

Can you afford to just sit by idly and allow it to continue?

I’d say “definitely not“.

Research suggests that only between 25 and 50% of new clients return to a salon after their first visit.

However, research also tells us that if you can get a new client to come back for a second visit, you have up to a 70 percent chance of retaining them, and a third visit means they will finally become a real client who is likely to stay and pay.

If this research is accurate, then it’s incredibly important to have a strategy in place that will get your new prospects to return, and give your salon a second chance to impress them even more.

One incredibly simple way to achieve this is to send your new prospect a personalised “Thank You and Welcome” letter. This letter needs to let your new prospective client know how much you appreciate her business, and at the same time also needs to highlight the things that make your salon special and unique.

This is why a standard template letter will always fall short of the mark. It simply can’t convey the essence of what your salon can offer, or why you’re so different from the rest.


A quality New Client Welcome Letter, accompanied by the right incentive, will almost guarantee that your new prospective client will give you a second chance, and that means you are well on your way to retaining her as a regular client.

If you need to implement this into your salon, but don’t know where to start, then all you have to do is get in touch, answer a few simple questions about your salon, and I’ll create a custom letter that you can use to capture more of those clients who are currently slipping out of your grasp.

Don’t wait any longer and continue to lose valuable clients from your salon. Get in touch today, and start keeping the clients you’ve worked so hard to gain in the first place.

‘Thank you Pam. Your Welcome Letter has been brilliant for business, so I know this will be great too.’

Caroline Gisbourne

Salon Owner, United Kingdom

Missing Client Letters

The only thing worse than having a new client who doesn’t return is to have a regular client go missing.

Your clients are your lifeblood. Their money keeps you in business and so when a client suddenly disappears, you need to take notice; and it needs to be fast.

Losing a regular client is a major setback, but one that is fixable if you act quickly and decisively.

Many clients who leave your business to go elsewhere realise that they’ve made a big mistake and would love to return but feel just too embarrassed to do so. A well-worded letter can overcome this problem and make them feel welcome back into your salon.

Regaining lost clients in your business is essential to your financial well-being.

After all, it costs 91% more to gain a new client than to keep an existing one.

Here are some of the writing jobs I can help you with…


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Client Letters

Staying in touch with your clients keeps them coming back

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