Secret Shopper Questionnaire

Secret Shopper for Salon, Spas and Clinics

Do you ever wonder what’s going on between your therapists and their clients in those closed treatment rooms?

Are you absolutely positive your therapists are providing treatments to your high salon standards, or are you sometimes left wondering if they’ve slipped back into bad old habits learned in previous salons?

How do you know if they’re focusing on their clients’ needs, or talking about themselves, their ex-boyfriends, or their last holiday in Bali?

Worse still, are they speaking badly about you and your salon, or discussing their little home salon that they’ve just set up which is more cost-friendly for the client?

These types of conversations are taking place every day in salons and spas everywhere and your salon is not immune to it.  I’ve been on the receiving end of these types of conversations many times in salons, and I’m pretty sure you have too.

And it’s not just about what your therapists say to your clients; it’s also about the quality of the treatments they’re delivering. 

Sub-standard treatments are the biggest reason why your hard-won clients simply don’t return to your salon. 

Let’s face it, there are tons of great salons out there just waiting to snavel up your dissatisfied clients if you’re not prepared to do something about it.

The truth is you simply can’t afford to let poor behaviour or sub-standard treatments decimate your client base and your business.

The majority of salon owners I talk to tell me they believe they need to focus primarily on client attraction strategies to build their business, when in fact the real problem lies with their poor client retention.

In some cases, they’re losing 3 out of every 4 new clients who visit their salons.  That’s a massive 75% of potential clients being lost after their first or second visit.  What a disaster!

You know that the right performance and behaviour in your treatment rooms will change all that and generate tons of additional income for your salon.  Discussing clients’ concerns will lead to opportunities to sell additional services and retail products, whereas conversations focused on the private lives of either the client or the therapist, will not benefit your salon at all.

Allowing your therapists to become personally involved with clients can also cost you that important client when that therapist leaves to work elsewhere, and clients lost in this manner are almost impossible to get back.  You simply must know if these types of conversations are happening in your treatment rooms – and sooner rather than later!

Treatments that live up to client expectations are essential, especially with new clients.  You simply can’t just hope for the best when it comes to getting things right!

All in all, the performance of your therapists will make or break your salon.  Their professional behaviour and quality of service is paramount to your success.  Without them, you cannot run your business profitably, so you must be absolutely sure of what their standards of service really are.


So now you know the ‘why’, let’s take a look at the ‘how’.

By using a Secret Shopper on a regular basis, you can learn what’s really going on behind those closed doors.

Secret Shopper companies can set you back quite a bit of money, but with the right questionnaire in your hands, you can easily do this for yourself.

It’s simple to organise; all you need is someone who will come to your salon and undergo a service or services selected by you.  Your Secret Shopper then completes your customised questionnaire once they leave the salon and report back to you with the results.

Often all you need to do is supply the service free of charge, or offer a small payment.

Here’s what one of my clients said after she used her customised Secret Shopper Questionnaire for the first time in her salon:

 “It was a REAL eye opener and at first all I wanted to do was go off my rocket and strangle the therapists ;) After cooling off, I’m motivated and eager to improve all aspects of my salon. So I guess it’s most important that I actually use the information I’ve received from the secret shopper and actually do something about it, be productive.”
Eliza Souter- Robertson

Salon owner, Renew Skin and Body

Using a Secret Shopper on a regular basis allows you to keep in touch with the kind of treatments and customer service your clients are experiencing in your salon.

This valuable knowledge allows you to:

Be aware of what is happening when you are not around.

Quickly nip in the bud any undesirable behaviours that have emerged.

Raise the performance standards of all your team members.

Implement a reward program around team members who perform flawlessly after a Secret Shopper experience.

Retain more of your valuable clients by ensuring that they’re receiving an outstanding experience each and every time they visit your salon

Prevent the loss of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars from your salon business each and every year!

This one simple strategy could put your salon back in the black, growing steadily every month.

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you knew you could hold onto every new client who walks through your doors.

If this is what you need to get back on top and stop the steady loss of the lifeblood in your salon, then get in touch today to chat about customising a Secret Shopper Questionnaire that’s right for your salon.

I guarantee to make it a perfect fit for your salon or spa!

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