Service Descriptions

Would you like to sell more of your high-priced, high-profit services to your clients?

I think the answer to that question is a no-brainer.  After all, you’re in business, and to stay that way you need to generate good profit.

The way you describe your services to clients, both on your Service Menu and website, is going to decide whether or not your clients decide to buy.

Often I see cheap quickie services given as much attention to detail as their higher priced cousins, so you can’t blame the clients for choosing to go with the cheapest option.

After all, if both services sound like they’re going to deliver pretty much the same results, why pay more?

Here’s the absolute truth.  

If your service descriptions don’t sell the benefits to your clients, then you won’t sell the services either.

So if you’re an amazing therapist, but not such a great writer, you might want a bit of help to make sure your most profitable services are just about selling themselves to your clients.

If you’d like to get some more information on how I can help you, get in touch today and let’s get started on boosting the sales of your top-end money makers.

Want a little more information about how I can help you?

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Articles & Blog Posts

Let professionally written articles help you build your professional credibility

Service Menus

Professionally written service menus help you sell more of the services you're passionate about delivering

Service Descriptions

Get your reader's drooling over your services with amazing benefits-based descriptions

Client Letters

Staying in touch with your clients keeps you front-of-mind and them coming back

Secret Shopper

For when you don't want to guess what's really going on in your salon or spa

Promotions andPackages

Let's take all the hassle out of your regular or special occasion marketing

Website Copy

80%+ people will go to your website first to find out more about your business and services.  Make sure it captivates with great copy

Want to know more?

Phone me for a chat (I love to chat anytime).  Here's my number: 0431 975 515or if you live outside Australia (yup I can write in New Zealand, American, Canadian, South African and a whole host of other English languages also), try +61431 975 515

Prefer to communicate by email?  Not a problem.  Just send me your message or any questions you may have, and I'll get straight back to you.

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