Service Menu Review

Are you a little unsure about the quality and usefulness of your existing service menu?

Is it meeting the needs of your salon and doing what it’s intended to do – make more profit for you?

The problem with running a business is, that after a while, we all develop what I call ‘shop blindness’.

In other words, we just get used to the way things are and we stop seeing the potential to do much better.

This happens with your service menu too.

Most likely, you’ve had it pretty much the same for ages, with the odd price adjustment here and there, but, apart from that, not much else has changed.

You know it needs updating but…

In most cases, it starts out being a ‘time’ thing. “I’m just too busy right now to tackle that job”. “I’ll do it later when I have more time”.

Well guess what? Waiting for more time might mean it never gets done, and before you know it, you’ve had the same boring, out-of-date menu that’s holding back your business for too long.

And I can guarantee you this. A boring, old, out-of-date menu is costing you a ton of money, because clients just aren’t seeing anything new, exciting or tempting.

So, if all of this is making you squirm a little, and you think maybe it’s time for a Service Menu Re-write, why not invest in a Service Menu Review first, and find out if your menu needs some TLC urgently.

Here’s what your review will include:

Menu Layout

Do you have the services in the right place in your menu so clients are drawn to your most profitable services first?  If not, chances are you’re not selling the right services to help your business grow.

Service Categories

People generally scan information – who has the time to read it all?  We all do it to save time, but it means that if the reader can’t find what they’re looking for fast, then they might lose interest.  Getting your services into easy-to-find categories will help overcome this buying obstacle.

Service Descriptions

What can I say?  So many salons simply get this part of their Service Menu WRONG.  Instead of focusing on promoting the things the client is interested in knowing more about, they get carried away with the industry jargon, leaving clients not only confused, but also completely uninterested. Every service menu should have a description that makes the clients say to themselves “That sounds exactly like the service I need”.

Salon or Spa Etiquette

It’s no good complaining when clients cancel at the last minute, turn up late, or don’t turn up at all, if you don’t have your salon policies written down for them to read.  This is an important part of your menu that shouldn’t be overlooked, but at the same time, it mustn’t sound like warnings written on the wall of a prison either.

What should go in and what should come out

A good service menu will focus on the right services to promote a healthy bottom line.  Too much of the wrong thing, and too little of the right thing, is a major mistake and one that I see often.

What’s the cost of a menu review?

Your review investment is $67, and if you purchase a Service Menu Re-write within 7 days, the whole $67 will be FULLY DEDUCTED from the price. (That makes this offer a total no-brainer).

This is such a tiny investment in such an important marketing tool that you really can’t afford not to jump on board and have your Service Menu professionally assessed ASAP.

What do you get for your money?

After I’ve personally reviewed your service menu, you’ll receive, via email, a detailed written report outlining any problem areas that may be negatively impacting on your business.

You can use your report to repair your menu yourself, or you might choose to leave it to me!

Either way, you’ll have a better insight into your Service Menu and how it can work better for your salon or spa.

Purchase your menu review today and let's get started

Want to know more?

Phone me for a chat (I love to chat anytime).  Here's my number: 0431 975 515or if you live outside Australia (yup I can write in New Zealand, American, Canadian, South African and a whole host of other English languages also) try +61431 975 515

Prefer to communicate by email?  Not a problem.  Just send me your message or any questions you may have, and I'll get straight back to you.

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