Service Menu Creation or Rewrite

To create a quality Service Menu for your Salon or Spa should be high on your must-do list.

Your Salon or Spa Service Menu is often the first contact a prospective client has with your business. The look, feel and content all tell your prospective clients a great deal, and allows them to make certain assumptions about the quality and style, of not only the services you offer, but also the professionalism of your salon or spa.

Based on this information, your prospective clients may also make the decision to either do or not do business with you. This means that it’s incredibly important that your Service Menu creates a fantastic first impression.

Done badly, you may lose all chance of turning that person into an ongoing and well-paying client.

Your Salon or Spa Service Menu needs to be so much more than simply a  price list that shows names and prices of your services and has a few pretty pictures; this does nothing to help you market your salon effectively. Instead, it needs to be a well thought out document that promotes your premium services by showcasing the benefits the clients will receive.

The majority of Service Menus don’t achieve this, and so many opportunities are missed.

So, if your existing Service Menu fails to live up to expectations, then perhaps it’s time to get it thoroughly overhauled so that it can  become a quality marketing tool for your business; something that will entice new prospects into your salon to try your services and become loyal clients.

Done well, it will make your prospective clients feel comfortable about taking the next step; making an appointment with you.

Here’s an overview of what I can do for your existing Service Menu with my Review and Rewrite service.

Suggest ways to improve the layout, font and font size of your menu to create a document that is both easier to read and understand for your clients and prospects.

Re-group your services so your clients can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Show you how to list your services so that your clients will choose the service you want them to have.

Make suggestions on how to improve the name of your services so that your clients know simply by looking, what’s on offer.

Write compelling benefits-based service descriptions that will not only educate your clients about the fantastic benefits your services offer but also convince them that they must try these services.

Suggest additional information that is currently missing from your menu that you may need to include.

Point out the services that should never be included in a Service Menu.

Provide wording for your Salon Etiquette and Policies.

Your Service Menu should be a quality marketing tool for your business; something that will entice new prospects into your salon to try your services and become loyal clients.  

Here are some of the writing jobs I can help you with…

Articles & Blog Posts

Let professionally written articles help you build your professional credibility

Service Menus

Professionally written service menus help you sell more of the services you're passionate about delivering

Service Descriptions

Get your reader's drooling over your services with amazing benefits-based descriptions

Client Letters

Staying in touch with your clients keeps you front-of-mind and them coming back

Secret Shopper

For when you don't want to guess what's really going on in your salon or spa

Promotions andPackages

Let's take all the hassle out of your regular or special occasion marketing

Website Copy

80%+ people will go to your website first to find out more about your business and services.  Make sure it captivates with great copy

Want to know more?

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Prefer to communicate by email?  Not a problem.  Just send me your message or any questions you may have, and I'll get straight back to you.

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